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School Trips & Special Events Photographs School Year 2019-20

January '20 TT Rock Stars Championship

Congratulations to all our KS2 children who have taken part in Norristhorpe's first ever TT Rock Stars championship this week. This afternoon, The top 2 pupils from each class entered into the semi-final which took place in the hall. 9 children made it to the final but our overall winner was Charlie T who answered a staggering 97 multiplication and division questions in 1 minute! 


Below are our pupils who were featured in our monthly "Superstar Spotlight" for a fabulous achievement both inside and outside school.

Ralphie G Oct 19

Ralphie, Class 3S, was recently presented with his End of Season Certificate from Bradley Park Golf Club recognising his "Great Progress" this year! WellDone!

Mussa R Baking Nov 19(1)Mussa R(2)

Musaa, Year 1, has worked very hard over the last year to set his page up to show his talent and his love for cooking.  Musaa works with his mum to develop a passion for food by learning about different foods from around the world.    Musaa’s mum explains, “I wanted to develop Musaa’s passion for food by learning about different foods around the world.    Furthermore, the NCMP shows that 9.5% of children aged 4-5 years in England were obese in the year 2018, with a further 12.8% overweight. This is of a big concern to me. The whole purpose of our page is to encourage other parents to get their children involved in health minded cooking. This will give them bonding time, encourage the children to try new foods and expand their knowledge of food.” We are very proud of Musaa and his work on healthy eating.  You can watch his videos on Instagram; his recipes look delicious! Well done, Musaa!

Lucy H Swimming Dec 19(1)

Congratulations to Lucy H in Y2 who has just achieved her Level 4 Learn to Swim Certificate! In her own words, Lucy said " To get my certificate for Stage 4 I had to make shapes in the water. I had to swim lengths of the pool doing breast stroke, front crawl and back crawl. This built up my stamina. I have learnt how to do dolphin but it was a bit tricky and I still need some more practice. I am excited to be in Stage 5"

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