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The ECO Team


The Eco Team have been working very hard this academic year to promote recycling at school, home and within their community. Since September, we have collected approx 6500 crisp packets for the Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme. That is a massive 32kg of waste which has been saved from landfill sites! We introduced more recycling schemes this year, including The Writing Instrument Recycling Scheme. So far we have collected approx. 8kg of writing equipment which has been sent to the specialist recycle plant. Due to our recycling efforts, we have raised over £100 for charity. Please support your children with our recycling schemes. The Eco Team 🌳🌏💚

The Green Team motto is :


Initially "The Green Team" began with 12 pupils representing Years 3,4,5 and 6 along with 3 staff members.  From September '18 we were delighted to add 4 further representatives from Year 1 & Year 2.

Y6: Isabelle S, Emelia Y, Megan P, Ameliya G, Eloise G, Ruby L, Ella-Mae A, Libby H, Ashton S, Evie B, Lolah B

Y5: Jessica S and Aston W, George G, Sophie E

Y4: Hollie C, Hassan H, Mia J, Charlotte O-B

Y3: Addison O, Amelia H-M, James R, Mia R

Y2: Max G and Elise R, Lucy H, Christopher S

Y1: Maisie S, Theo H

Our very own eco warriors, The Green Team, led by Mrs Stelling, have worked very hard to encourage us all to recycle and reduce. Due to their hard work we are delighted to say that our school has now qualified for the Bronze Eco Schools Award. Well done!

Health and Safety Ambassadors

Heath & Safety

These children represent their class and attend monthly meetings with Mrs Newton, School Business Manager.

The ambassadors regularly tour school, inside and out, looking out for any problems that they feel are a Health & Safety issue and they then report their findings back to Mrs Newton who will arrange to have these issues resolved.

Play Leaders


The Playleaders are a group of children who help to bring out and put away the play equipment during lunchtime play.

They teach and play games with the other children in the top playground and they help lonely children make friends.

Being a Play Leader helps the children to:

  • gain and build confidence and self esteem
  • develop a genuine sense of responsibility by helping others to improve playtimes
  • grow emotionally when offered responsibility
  • learn moral values, such as keeping to the rules, turn taking and sharing.
  • All children who have completed their jobs receive a certificate and a small token.

Mrs Dawson - Lunchtime Manager/ Learning Mentor

School Council Sept 19

School Councillors 2019/20

2H - Sufyan P & Victoria P

2W - Keiran H & Poppy S

3S - Harrison H & Taylor mai K

3T - Oliver M & Ava G

4L - Hollie B & Ibrahim M

4M - Kainan W & Caitlin M

5H - Tegan M & Leighton H

5P - Anna B & Arthur C

6O - Emelia Y & Tom H

6S - Bilal M & Lois M


Norristhorpe School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils. Two pupil representatives from each class from Year 2 to Year 6 makes up the school council. We have a Chairperson who leads the meeting, a Secretary who takes the minutes, a time keeper and a treasurer.

The School Council meet fortnightly to discuss the views of their class, help to arrange fundraisers and feedback any issues in school from a pupil perspective. They also lead cohort and whole school assemblies to raise awareness of the charities that we support at school.



KS1 Class Monitors


The Class Monitors in KS1 are:-

1N Lottie I and Riley B

1S Isabelle B and Tobias C

2H Kyan T and Ruby H

2W Finley A and Annabel B

KS2 Class Monitors


The Class Monitors in KS2 are:

3S Hashim M and Elise D

3T Sebastian J and Emily O

4L Jacob M and Humna M

4M Miley R and Oliver H

5H Riley P and Evie E

5P Lola S and Joe D

6O Sadie C and Rylan R

6S Dylan T and Rebecca M




Class 2H

Name:Sufyan P

Hobbies: Swimming, running, basketball

I’m looking forward to helping in all areas of school life.

Name: Victoria P

Hobbies: Swimming

I’m looking forward to helping people and making our school become a better place.

Class 2W

Name: Kieran H

Hobbies: Swimming, running, basketball

I’m looking forward to helping in all areas of school life.

Name: Poppy S

Hobbies: Swimming

I’m looking forward to helping people and making our school become a better place.

Class 3S

Name: Harrison H

Hobbies: Rugby and Football

I’m looking forward to attending the School Council Meetings.

Name: Taylor-Mai K

Hobbies: Swimming, Gymnastics and Dance

I’m looking forward to helping our school and representing my class.

Class 3T

Name: Ava G

Hobbies: Gymnastics and swimming

I’m looking forward to having fun being a school councillor.

Name: Oliver M

Hobbies: Cricket and Lego

I’m looking forward to helping our school and representing my class.

Class 4L

Name: Hollie B

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing and Swimming

I’m looking forward to helping the school and my classmates.

Name: Ibrahim M

Hobbies: Art, Football and Biology

I’m looking forward to raising money and representing my class.

Class 4M

Name: Caitlin M

Hobbies: Running         

I’m looking forward to doing a fun and important job being on the School Council.

Name: Kainan W

Hobbies: Games

I’m looking forward to having fun whilst representing my class and school.

Class 5H

Name: Leighton H    

Hobbies: Dancing, playing out and drawing

I’m looking forward to having responsibilities and I am happy to be part of the School Council.

Name: Tegan M

Hobbies: Swimming, Brownies and Dancing

I’m looking forward to helping the school raise money and bringing happiness to the school.

Class 5P

Anna B

Hobbies: Trampolining, Singing and Dancing

I’m looking forward to making the school a better place and I want to help the school achieve any goals.

 Arthur C

Hobbies: Basketball and Boxing

I’m looking forward to being a school councillor as it will be fun representing my class.

Class 6O

Lois M

Hobbies: Football and Cricket

I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas to benefit the school.

Emilia Y

Hobbies: Netball, Football and Dancing

I’m looking forward to helping the school be better by making others feel safe and happy.

Class 6S

Tom H

Hobbies: Rugby, Walking and Swimming

I’m looking forward to making the school even better.

Bilal M

Hobbies: Football & Cricket

I’m looking forward to using my good ideas for school council and being a good role model.

ECO Team

Meet our Eco Club members.

Each class has 2 Eco Club members who work hard to ensure Norristhorpe School can "REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE" as much of our rubbish as possible..


Here are some photos from the Eco Team planting session. We created a 'Butterfly Stop' with lots of spring bulbs which attract butterflies.  The children really enjoyed weeding and planting.  They all worked really hard and are looking forward to watching the plants grow in the Springtime.

Greem Team 4
Green Team 1
Green Team 2
Green Team 3
Green Team 6
Green Team 7

Eco Blooms - Nov. '19

Year 4 and Mrs Stelling's After School Eco Club had a special visitor today. Sylvia Pearson from EcoBlooms came to talk to them all about REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE - and her own speciality UPCYCLING. She talked to the children about how to reduce the amount of plastic we buy, how to reuse those plastics which we do buy and how to recycle many of the products we have in our homes. She then gave a fascinating demonstration as to how she transforms plastic milk bottles into floral arrangements, decorative plaques and environmentally friendly plant pots. The Eco club even got to make their own flower to take home. 

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