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Superstar Spotlight Photos

Poppy 3S

Poppy started Martial Arts classes two weeks ago and has already achieved her first belt.  We hope there are many more to come Poppy.  Well Done!


Milo 3S

Milo from 3S has successfully achieved his Blue Belt in mixed martial arts. We wish him all the best in working towards his purple belt.  Well done Milo!


Oliva 3S

During the recent lockdown, Olivia took part in an online gymnastics competition.  As part of the competition she had to perform a set routine and we were delighted to hear that she came second in her age group.  Well done Olivia!


Isaac 5H

Isaac has done some fabulous homework! At the weekend he has created his own 3D representation of the features of a river. Even better, it is made out of chocolate cake! Well done Isaac using your initiative and making an edible homework piece!  

Cody 1H

Cody has ridden his bike on the Spen Valley Greenway and on the Trans Pennine Trail. Over half term he rode a total of 30 miles!  Well done Cody!


Emaline 1H

Emaline made and sent the Queen a Christmas card last year without prompt or assistance and this was the reply she received from the Palace. Emaline absolutely loves the Royal family and was over the moon to receive this piece of post. Well done Emaline!

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